2023 AutoFest Camping Information

Registration and Check In

  • Camping is for Entrants and their passengers only. Camping is not for everyone.
  • Entrants and Passengers can head to registration on Friday at Hampton Downs between 10 and 3pm.  Please head to Gate 2 and drive in and follow the blue line.  OR Meremere between 3pm and 8pm sharp.  Anyone packing in on Saturday, this will only be done at Meremere between 7am 10pm.  Please be mindful with lots of people walking in, we would like bigger vehicles in as early as you can please from 7am.
  • Cost: $40 per head payable when collecting your wristbands.  Passengers will be required to purchase an AutoFest weekend pass for $50 plus $40 camping pass. 

What to bring: ALL sites are non-powered

  • Caravan Hirers – Please bring your own Blankets/Pillows/Sheets and towels.
  • Camp chairs
  • Torch and Lighting – solar lights etc.  The camp area will be dark.
  • Warm Jackets/Clothes – It can get chilly there at night and early morning.
  • FOOD – Please ensure you bring enough food and drink to get you through.  There will be food vendors on site, but they will not be open between 9pm and 9am. 
  • A great attitude goes along way.  Please bring one.  We want everyone to enjoy themselves so leave the naughty mates at home lol.


  • Hired Caravan patrons:  You must ensure you leave your caravan and space/area clean and tidy.   Your bonds are refundable pending this.  These will be ready for you from Friday 2.30pm until Sunday 5pm (unless you have already spoken with us about staying on Monday night)
  • Tents – We suggest bringing an additional ground cover to sit your tent on.  We cannot control the weather and cannot guarantee the condition of the ground.  Tents should not be set up within 1.5 metres apart from each other.  This is to avoid risk of fire.
  • Trucks – Grass damage is a big one but also getting stuck is a bigger one.  We won’t be able to tow your rig out of the grass and if you get stuck trying to get it out, we don’t want to be the bearer of the obvious, but you may incur costs for grass damage. This will be at the discretion of the Track Manager.
  • Vehicles – Space for one standard vehicle will be allocated with your site. Any others will have to park in the trailer park area.  There isn’t a map of this at present as it is subject to change.  This will be evident on the day.
  • Alcohol – Campers can bring their own alcohol, however, there is to be NO GLASS.  We must be strict on that sorry and you will need to please ensure you take your empties away with you.  Alcoholmust stay in the campground.  Drinking is NOT permitted in any of the pit or event areas.  All drivers may be breath tested on site at random times of the day.  Everyone’s safety is paramount.
  • Noise – This isn’t the place for you if you’re precious about sleep!! Please don’t say we didn’t warn you.  There is of course a time limit on noise, but it won’t be 8pm or even 10pm.  We have comprised! All cars must be parked up and off by no later than 10pm each night.  Music must be turned down at 12am.  No noise at all between 2am and 6am Sunday.   Noise restriction is 10pm on Sunday night in respect of those that have a long-haul trip home on Sunday morning. 
  • As much as we love a good skid, and we can appreciate some love a good night skid on trailers and anywhere really, the only place these are acceptable is on the Lane or Burnout Pad within the timeframes set on the event timetable.  
  • Leaving the Venue – We understand people will need to go out and get supplies etc.  Please help us manage this as much as possible.  One car per site can leave the venue to go out and come back in.  It can only be the car that has the Camping Sticker on it.  The gates will be open at 6am on both mornings.  Be mindful that the later you head out, the slower it may take you to get back in as we will packing people in.  Being prepared will be your best bet.  No cars will be allowed back in after 10pm each night.  We need to be strict with this for the safety of all vehicles and property.
  • Security – Will be on site 24/7 from Friday night to Sunday morning.  They will regularly pop by regularly to check if everyone’s ok.  They will check that no one is walking around the pit area’s after 10pm apart from going to the toilets.
  • Cooking – If you are bringing a BBQ, please ensure you have a fire extinguisher and all fuels are put away safely. 
  • SMOKING – No smoking near fuel/s or in the pit areas.
  • NO FIRES!! Sorry team, no roasting marshmallows on the fire lol.
  • NO FIREWORKS. These are only permitted for professional display on the time stipulated on Saturday night and by the hired contractor in the agreed location only.
  • NO Access to the event area’s after 10pm.
  • HAVE FUN!!
  • General public that have not paid to camp must leave when the event closes. All wristbands will be checked.


Checkout Times
Sunday no later than 10pm.  Monday no later than 9am and must be prior arranged by no later than Wednesday 11th October 5pm.