This form is an expression of interest ONLY. Please understand, we can only take a limited number of media and you must have lots of experience and a strong online/social media presence.

If accepted, you should receive a confirmation email no less than 2 weeks prior to the event. Unsuccessful applicants will also be notified but we encourage everyone to come along, take some photos and share the album to the Facebook event page.

Any extra questions, email:
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  1. Limited number of Media Allocations
  2. All Media passes are for one photographer only.
  3. Confirmation emails must be presented upon arrival.
  4. All photographers MUST supply and wear PPE vests with Media in bold writing on the back. This is to ensure you are identifiable at all times to security and Downtime Entertainment personnel.
  5. Drones are not permitted to be flown at any Downtime Entertainment event without prior arrangement and all operators must provide the appropriate accreditation to be able to use the drone within close proximity to any airport.
  6. All Media must adhere to all health and safety requirements set out by Downtime Entertainment. Health and Safety is paramount and should be taken extremely seriously.
  7. Media are not permitted to be within the boundaries of the safety barriers at the burnout pad areas, or skating areas. Between the fenced areas and concrete barriers is fine. In the event that you are injured,, you must report to a Downtime Entertainment Official for required assistance and to make us aware of your injury
  8. You accept that you are responsible for your safety and any injuries you incur through no fault of Downtime Entertainment's will be your responsibility.
  9. Only Downtime Entertainment Media are permitted to take photos or footage from the judging platforms. No other Media is permitted in this area. This is due to the scoring and confidentiality of the scores and comments.
  10. Although Downtime Entertainment supports and encourages all and/or other events, media passes will not be allocated to anyone that is employed by/sponsored by/paid by another promoter of a similar nature to take photo's or footage for or on behalf of at a Downtime event. This is to protect the event itself and to avoid the event appearing to be hosted/run by an alternative promoter and another promoters (of the same nature) logos/branding should not be displayed on photo's post event. Downtime Entertainment may opt to sponsor photographers if there is a requirement. It is not our intention to offend anyone and with respect, we request that all media comply.
  11. Sponsors/advertising business' MUST be cleared by Downtime Entertainment to make sure there are no conflicts of interest.

Upon application for a Media pass, you are acknowledging and agreeing to all terms and conditions mentioned above.*


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